User manual for FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 particle filtering half masks

  1. Intended use 

Particle filtering half masks are designed for respiratory protection against aerosols of solid particles or water-based aerosols (dust, smoke) and liquid aerosols (mist), provided that the dispersed-phase concentration of these aerosols in air does not exceed their operating range.

  1. Operating range for the individual filtration classes:

FFP1 – 4 x TLV

FFP2 – 10 x TLV

FFP3 – 20 x TLV

TLV – Threshold limit value


  1. Contraindications

Do not use the particle filtering half mask under the following conditions:

  • in atmosphere with less than 19% oxygen,
  • in premises with inadequate ventilation and small cubic volume, e.g., ducts, pits, tanks,
  •  in atmosphere with gaseous and vapour pollutants.
  • Half masks should not be worn by people with facial hair because it may prevent the masks from tightly adhering to the user's face.

Ilustracje przedstawiające sposób dopasowania półmaski

  1. Use

Before use, read the user manual of the half mask and check if the shelf life of the mask has not been exceeded and if the mask does not bear external signs of mechanical damage.

Put on the half mask, adjusting it with the head harness bands to ensure tight adherence of the facepiece to the face. Form the nose clip, adjusting it to the shape of the nose to ensure tightness without excessive pressure. Correct the position of the half mask so that the facepiece covers both the nose and chin. To remove the half mask, grab it by the facepiece, pull it away from your face and pull it upwards. During use, pay attention to the increase of breathing resistance until you find that breathing has become noticeably difficult. If the breathing resistance is too high or if the mask has suffered mechanical damage, replace it with a new mask.

Direct users should undergo theoretical and practical training in the correct use of the half mask.



  1. Storage

Filtering half masks should be stored in premises with relative humidity of less than 80%, at 0°C to +50°C, in closed, undamaged individual packaging of the manufacturer. 

The half masks should be protected against the action of aggressive chemicals, moisture and dirt.

The half masks are disposable and do not require maintenance.

The shelf life of the half masks is 36 months.


  1. Complaints

All comments and complaints should be addressed to the manufacturer of the half mask:


Ul. Różana 22
32-040 Świątniki Górne

Mobile: +48 502 708 210

Phone/fax: +48 12 270 90 31