MB 30 V FFP3 NR D protective half mask

Zdjęcie półmaski przeciwpyłowej (ochronnej, filtrującej) P3 - MB 30V FFP3 - przód
Zdjęcie półmaski przeciwpyłowej (ochronnej, filtrującej) P3 - MB 30V FFP3 - tył

Certified filtering half mask class FFP3 with exhalation valve and full-face foam seal

Standards half mask meet:

  • EN 149:2001+A1:2009,
  • Regulation of the Parliament and the Council of the EU 2016/425 of 9 March 2016 on personal protective equipment
  • Directive 89/686/EEC
  • CE marked with the number of the notified body - CE 1437
  • Certificate: UE/240/2019/1437


  • nose clip - made of easy-forming aluminum alloy
  • headbands - made of highly elastic rubber
  • exhalation valve - ensures optimal air circulation in the mask, minimizes heat and humidity accumulation
  • full-face foam seal -  prevents air leakage and increases comfort of use


  1. half mask bowl made of non-needled nonwoven
  2. layer of electret melt-blown nonwoven
  3. second layer of electret melt-blown nonwoven
  4. cover layer

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MB 30 V FFP3 NR D disposable filtering half mask is a complete respiratory protective device used for protection against aerosols of solid and liquid particles. Particle filtering half masks are designed for respiratory protection against aerosols of solid particles or water-based aerosols (dust, smoke) and liquid aerosols (mist), provided that the dispersed-phase concentration of these aerosols in air does not exceed 20 x TLV.

FFP3 CLASS – 20 x TLV.


Respiratory protection against high concentration of respirable dust

  • welding and soldering,
  • work with asbestos,
  • work with metal oxide smoke (zinc, lead, arsenic, vanadium silver) emitted during metal melting,
  • casting or treatment,
  • tanneries and galvanising plants (chromate mist and dust).


Protection against dust containing:

  • beryllium,
  • antimony,
  • cadmium,
  • cobalt,
  • nickel,
  • radium,
  • strychnine,
  • pharmaceutical dust and mist,
  • radioactive particles,
  • bacteria and viruses.

Available packaging:

Palstic bag - 10 pcs Box - 10 pcs Hang-slot - 3 pcs
photo of MB30V masks box MB30V hang-slot

Collecting packaging:

Plastic bags - 10 pcs x 30 (300 pcs) Boxes - 10 pcs x 27 (270 pcs) Hang-slots - 3 pcs x 100 (300 pcs)