MB 11 V FFP1 NR D protective half mask

Zdjęcie półmaski przeciwpyłowej (ochronnej, filtrującej) P1 - MB 10V FFP1 - przód
Zdjęcie półmaski przeciwpyłowej (ochronnej, filtrującej) P1 - MB 10V FFP1 - przód

Certified, flat folded FFP1 particle filtering half mask with valve


MB 11 V FFP1 NR D disposable filtering half mask is a complete respiratory protective device used for protection against aerosols of solid and liquid particles. Particle filtering half masks are designed for respiratory protection against aerosols of solid particles or water-based aerosols (dust, smoke) and liquid aerosols (mist), provided that the dispersed-phase concentration of these aerosols in air does not exceed 4 x TLV. The facepiece of the half mask has a nose clip, exhalation valve and two non-adjustable head harnesses made from synthetic rubber bands. The half mask is easy to adjust to the shape of the face and remains comfortable throughout prolonged use. The exhalation valve reduces carbon dioxide concentration and moisture inside the facepiece and exhalation resistance.

The particle filtering half mask conforms to the following:
  • EN 149:2001+A1:2009, “Respiratory protective devices – Filtering half masks to protect against particles – Requirements, testing, marking”
  • Directive 89/686/EEC
  • CE 1437
  • Certificate: WE/S/2704/2017

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Respiratory protection against non-toxic dust – agricultural industry, food industry, quarries, cement works, wood industry – for working with softwood (coniferous wood), casting and steel structure cleaning, production of flour and feed, glass industry and ceramic industry.

Protection against dust such as the following:

calcium carbonate, natural and synthetic graphite, gypsum, chalk, cement, plaster, marble, zinc oxide, pollen, cellulose, sulphur, cotton, ferrous metal filings, coal dust with free silica concentration not exceeding 10%.